Dr. Mones’ Treatment Approach

All major theoretical viewpoints are incorporated and integrated in my practice— psychodynamic, family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and body work. These perspectives are woven together within the Internal Family Systems MetaModel. This model views symptoms as adaptational and survival-based and understands that Protective Parts of the client sometimes constrain the basic goodness, courage, confidence and compassion that is inherent in all human beings. It is the therapist’s job to bring out these qualities of Self so that optimal, enduring healing can occur. Particular attention is given to the healing of trauma, from mild to severe, within this nonpathologizing, strengths-building orientation.

Individual Therapy

k4157883Work with individuals flows directly from the integrated model described above. I will be listening carefully to understand the client and to link their current life situations to themes that emerge in our discussions together. We will explore how to problem solve so that clarity can be enhanced regarding current life issues. We will also explore any internally imposed obstacles to making progress as we get to know the Protective Parts that work hard for the client. When applicable, we will take the therapy to deeper levels so that the emotional pain that exists as a residue of experienced life trauma can be unburdened, helping the client to lead a healthier, more flexible life, free of major constraints both internally and in their work and personal relationships.

Couples Therapy

couples-therapyCouples work typically begins with partners who are disillusioned and at times in great despair. Their attempts to change each other are not working and often make things worse. I listen carefully to what is being stated, cool down an overheated system and put forward an understanding of how each partner is often triggering deep vulnerability in the other, leading to a very negative, often vicious cycle. Building from here, couples courageously can explore these deeper layers within so that Self Acceptance can lead to a deepening appreciation, closeness and enduring love for one another.

Child, Teen & Family Therapy

bld063713In working with children and teens, careful attention is placed on weaving back and forth between intrapsychic struggles such as anxiety and depression to dealing with relational conflict in the parent-child sphere. Working on individual and relational levels is done within a systemic, contextual approach so that re-centering and Self-led positions can be cultivated for children, siblings and their parents. Issues such as ADHD, oppositional behavior, anxiety, depression, challenges of autism spectrum disorder, family transitions such as marital separation/divorce, withdrawal, addictions and somatic complaints are treated effectively in this model.

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