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Therapist, teacher, author, researcher and clinical supervisor for over three decades

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Therapy flows from my integrated model of understanding the inner and outer world of each person. I will be listening carefully to understand the client and to link their current life situations to themes that emerge in our discussions together.

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In working with children and teens, careful attention is placed on weaving back and forth between internal struggles such as anxiety and depression to dealing with relational conflict in the parent-child sphere.

Read More Couples work typically begins with partners who are disillusioned and at times in great despair. Their attempts to change each other are not working and often make things worse.

Read More Consultation Groups for Professionals Over the past five years I have been offering monthly two-hour Consultation Groups on Wednesday mornings in my office in Hewlett, Long Island. The groups run from October through May.

Read More In Transforming Troubled Children, Teens and Their Families:  An Internal Family Systems Model for Healing, Dr. Mones presents the first comprehensive application of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy model for work with youngsters and their families.  This model centers diagnosis and treatment around the concept of the Functional Hypothesis, which views symptoms as adaptive and survival-based when viewed in multiple contexts.

Read More KidsWorld: Inside and Out is a psychotherapeutic board game.  The purpose of the game is to engage the child in a healing process through a supportive, compassionate relationship with the therapist while having fun!  The therapeutic approach of this game is built upon the treatment approach of Dr. Arthur G. Mones as explicated in his book.

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Dr. Mones is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology who works with children, teens, adults, couples and families. He is an Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. He is licensed in New York and Massachusetts. Art is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist.

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